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Salsa is a cuban dance, even if it is a combination between Puerto Rico (style) and other latino dances mixed with pop, jazz, rock si R&B. Today, salsa is the most popular latino dance, becoming an international phenomenon.

There are various salsa types:
• traditional / classic salsa
• cuban salsa
• colombian salsa
• romantic salsa
• puerto rican salsa
• mambo salsa
• new york salsa
• los angeles salsa



Merengue is a national dance of Dominican Republic and it is specific for crowded and less large (small) dancefloors; it's easy to learn and funny.



A form of music and dance that originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic. Its subjects are often romantic; especially prevalent are tales of heartbreak and sadness. There are many different styles but the originated style is the Dominican style.The dance is a four-step beat, it is performed both in open position and in closed position depending on the setting and mood of the partners.

The great musician, Juan Luis Guerra, is one of the biggest ambassadors of bachata.



The Cha-cha is the name of a dance of Cuban origin.

The sound of the cha-cha is said to be the origin of the name. When Cuban ladies danced, their hells smacked the floor in a cha-cha-cha rhythm. The cha-cha requires very small steps because of its rhythm. The cha-cha part of the rhythm is almost a chasse, or a series of small gliding steps that touch the floor. It is danced to 4/4 time, meaning that there are four beats to a measure. Although the cha-cha uses smaller steps, dancers in competition often elongate their movement slightly to travel across the floor. Alternating between long and short steps remains the key to winning a cha-cha competition.



Reggaeton is a form of predominantly latin urban music. After its mainstream exposure in 2004, it spread to North American, European and Asian audiences. The genre of reggaeton however is most closely associated with Puerto Rico, as this is where the musical style was later popularized and became most famous, and where the vast majority of its current stars originated. Reggaeton lyrics tend to be derived more from hip hop than dancehall.



Rueda de Casino (Rueda, Casino Rueda, Salsa Rueda) is a particular type of round dancing of Salsa. It was developed in Havana, Cuba in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

It's impressive when you look at those dance steps but it is for sure more exciting when participating.


Latino Music

Luis Vasquez, one of the salsa ambassadors, is considered as being number 1 latino dancer of the world. As a dance leader, he teached people from 41 countries.

The most remarquable latin artists are Ricky Martin, Thalia , Natalia Oreiro, Shakira, David Bisbal, No-Mercy, Alejandro Sanz, Alejandro Pires, Alejandro Fernandez and others. Latin American music, along with jazz, which also blends African and European traits, has been a great influence on popular music around the world. Asian film songs and Eastern Mediterranean belly dancing may incorporate Latin percussion, rhythms, and/or the clave pattern. Since the 1930s, Latin rhythms have been popular among, and reinterpreted by West, Central, and East African musicians.

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