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Their passion for dance is reflected in their shows that are a demonstration of hard work and dedication. They have been teaching and performing at many dance congresses, events and parties and their shows are full of style and energy that will captivate and enthrall the audiences. Each of the team member is aware of the fact that the passion for music and dance is not sufficient and that's why their preparation consists of many hours of rehearsal. The rehearsal is the only way to guarantee a great performance.

As a result of hard work and dedication, Salsa Veneno won 3rd place at Salsa Schools National Contest 2010 at Vama Veche Salsa Week. And they won't stop here. They would like to invite you to check out their calendar of upcoming events and don't forget that Salsa Veneno can make your party experience an unforgettable one. They are here to turn your party plans into unforgettable memories.




BUBU ( Gabriel Voicu ) - dancer, instructor, choreographer.
The founder of Salsa Veneno School started his dance carrier at Academia de Baile. After 4 years, he decides to create his own Latin-American Dance School. In 2007, he lauched Salsa Veneno School with the following motto: "Dance is a little insanity that does us all a lot of good." In 2010, he got his European Instructor Dance Certificate. He participated at numerous concerts, workshops, dance events, tv shows. At the present time, he is the principal instructor for all the dance groups, dancer and the choreographer of Salsa Veneno School.

DEEA started to dance when she was only 7 years old, at Palatul Copiilor (Bucharest).She took dance courses (at Academiei de Baile), where she studied Latin-American dances. Starting with 2007, her best friend, Bubu came up with the suggestion to join Salsa Veneno School. Starting with that moment, she continued to improve her dance skills, becoming a Salsa Veneno member. She participated at numerous concerts, workshops, dance events, tv shows with the other Salsa Veneno Members. Her favourite quote is : "Dance is a little insanity that does us all a lot of good." (Edward Demby).

ALIN is a creative and people-oriented person that can teach other people effectively the skills that he has acquired as a dance performer. With the other Salsa Veneno members, he articipated at numerous concerts, workshops, dance events and tv shows. During 2000-2006, he took Flamenco dance lessons. And he didn't stop there : in 2008, he took salsa lessons. Since than, he is truly dedicated to dance and he obtained the dance teacher certification.

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We also offer ...

• Various parties
• Latino dances
• Custom choreography
• Sound / lights / foto / video
• Dance shoes ( in collaboration with JAR )
• Floral decorations
• Artists
• Limousines
• Planning your wedding